Super Neuro

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  • SMART COMPLEX -- Contains a blend energy-boosting essential vitamins, amino acids, and minerals help your nervous system function at peak performance.
  • BRAIN SUPPORT -- Our formula aids in improving concentration, learning ability, mental acuity, and focus by providing important nutrients like L-Tyrosine, Niacin, Vitamin B6, and Magnesium to your body.
  • BODY BOOST -- Cells and muscles repair themselves while you're asleep, so it's a crucial factor in bodily health. Super Neuro also works to support a healthy metabolism, which affects weight, energy levels, and circadian rhythm.
  • IMPROVE MOOD -- We’ve developed fuel for your body that helps stabilize dopamine neurotransmitter processes within the brain to elevate mood and improve sleep quality.
  • PHYSICIAN FORMULATED -- Developed by Dr. Christopher Campbell, a multi-board certified expert in Antiaging and Regenerative Medicine. He leads Best Life Medical Center, a highly-trusted clinic with an integrative and functional approach to health. Gluten-free formula.