Prostate Pro

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  • NATURAL INHIBITOR -- With a powerful blend of essential nutrients, Prostate Pro helps maintain optimal levels of DHT and estrogen that affect urinary tract and prostate health.
  • ADVANCED FORMULA -- Features BrocColinate for extra cellular protection, unlike other prostate supplements, to neutralize chemical toxins and protect cells from cancer-causing free radical damage.
  • MAXIMUM VITALITY -- Combines vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, antioxidants, and amino acids to inhibit high levels of sex steroids, preserving healthy prostate function as you age.
  • PREVENTATIVE NUTRITION -- Zinc, lycopene, pumpkin seed oil, and saw palmetto berry extract work synergistically to support the prostate. Works to control overactive bladder, manage hair growth, and maintain optimal male urinary health.
  • PHYSICIAN FORMULATED -- Developed by Dr. Christopher Campbell, a multi-board certified expert in Antiaging and Regenerative Medicine. He leads Best Life Medical Center, a highly-trusted clinic with an integrative and functional approach to health.

As men age, increasing levels of estrogen and DHT become unhealthy for the prostate. Elevated levels of estrogen and DHT can cause the prostate to grow, leading to unpleasant lower urinary tract signs and symptoms. Prostate Pro Contains a combination of specific nutrients, herbal extracts, antioxidants and amino acids that works to naturally inhibit high levels of estrogen and DHT promoting better prostate function and health.